Sketch: $25
Lined: $30
Colored/cell shaded: $35
Extra character: +$20

Chest up:

Sketch: $20
Lined: $28
Colored/cell shaded: $30
Extra character: +$15

Full color: $25

Full illustration w/ background:
Sketch: $45
Full color: $55
Extra character: +$25

Don't be afraid to be specific in what you want! If you have any pose ideas, reference images, specific outfits, or color schemes, be sure to send them my way! The more you tell me, the better I am able to satisfy you. If specifications raise the price, I will be upfront about it.

What I will not draw:

Nudity or NSFW of any underaged character
Disturbing images (heavy gore, etc.)

I have the right to refuse a request if it makes me personally uncomfortable


[email protected]

@pinkfluffylion on instagram, and tumblr

Payment policy

I prefer to be paid after the initial rough sketch is done. Rough sketches will be sent to you for approval, and finished after payment is received.

For Sketch commissions, payment will be before the sketch is done. You will still be able to approve the finished sketch.

Payment will be done Via Paypal.

For orders over $10, I will send an invoice to request payment.

Terms and conditions:

Payment may be canceled if I fail to deliver the request within a month. It will most likely be finished within the week unless outside forces delay. I have the right to refuse any request that makes me personally uncomfortable. If this does occur, money will be returned back to the sender. There will be no refunds if the client is unhappy with the finished result. Any non color related revisions past the sketch point may require extra payment. Any revisions during the sketching process are free as long as the size and complexity of the commision stay the same. Once commision is delivered, the client may repost, print, or do whatever they want to with the piece as long as money is not made off of it.